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Not sure where to look for the best activities for your little one? Did you miss registration, or just can’t find the right one? 

Art. Music. Dance. Sports. You name it. Class Dash has it.  Class Dash brings all the classes in Hoboken, Jersey City, Edgewater and West New York to one simple place. 

Plug in your preferences and find the best fit. Whether you want to be uptown or downtown, take music or karate or start at 9:00am or 3:00pm, Class Dash will find what works. After entering your unique requirements, Class Dash will go through the largest inventory of classes and find the perfect match just for you. From there, you will get a schedule of class offerings – eliminating the need to search through loads of websites, brochures, etc.

Think of all the time you’ll save. Maybe then you can actually fit in that nap you have been hearing about.

Make finding a class simple. Use Class Dash for all your scheduling needs.

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I didn’t sign my daughter up for a single class until she was nine months old. It’s not that there weren't enough classes in Hoboken – there were. It was that I simply couldn’t find one that worked for me. I wanted to do a few things each day and also wanted to be sure my daughter was well fed and got her naps in.  Finally, I came across a great class. It fit the time that fit my needs. I was able to take yoga when I wanted, go to the gym, go to the store, whatever…and then it changed.

She got bigger, her schedule changed. Each time her schedule changed, I had to adjust. Each time her schedule or interests changed, I had to search for classes again.

Now juggling a new baby, I was back to square one. Naps, feeding and, eek, preschool. At the time, I had two kids with two very different schedules and I still wanted to find a little time for myself.

I came home one night and realized my little boy was going to be nine months soon and I hadn’t registered him for a class and knew that finding something that would work for all of our schedules would be difficult. So I simply signed him up for what I did with my daughter before. It was great but what other fun activities was I missing?

And then I thought, wouldn’t it be nice if all the classes in town were in one place?  Then I could review what is out there, what works and then pick a class. Since it didn’t exist, I decided to make it myself.

Lexi Coen lives in Hoboken with her husband and three kids. And when she isn’t running, teaching yoga or clearing off her DVR, she is running around town with Maddy, Drew and Lucas.