For the love of city living with kids

This past Friday, i spent the morning walking in circles around the city with my 4 year old and 4 month old. We had fun accomplishing nothing (and consuming loads of calories at Broadway Bites.)

I came across this list through a friend but knew that it was so true about Hoboken, Jersey City and Edgewater.

8 Reasons Your Children Should Grow Up In New York

by Alana Mayman

You may have heard horror stories about raising your kids in the big, bad city, but don’t believe the hype. In fact, bringing up baby in the urban jungle gives you some distinct advantages over your parental counterparts in the ‘burbs. Some things to consider before you flee for Connecticut:

1. When you have kids in the city, they never drive. Ipso facto, they never drive drunk.

2. If you grew up in the suburbs, you know that all the bad stuff (that seemed really, really good at the time) goes down in basements. In an apartment, however, there are few places to hide.

3. Your kids will accept every woman, man, other gender, any race, any creed, any size, in any form of dress or undress, with equanimity. They might not even notice there is a difference.

4. Thousands of American parents every year have to bid their kids goodbye when they make the inevitable post-college decision to try their hand at NYC. But if you already live here, your kids will never leave you.

5. New York young’uns will not insist on, and may even balk at, home-cooked meals.

6. Some help with the whole “it takes a village” thing: you can add the doorman, your super, even the deli guy to your roster of neighborhood spies mentors.

7. A NYC kid skipping school to see giant metallic balloon animals is most likely at a Jeff Koons exhibit; a suburban kid skipping school to see giant metallic balloon animals is most likely dropping acid.

8. If you wait on line for the swing set before you learn to walk, you learn a little thing called “patience.”

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Holiday Planning Already?

It’s barely fall making it the perfect time to start planning for the holidays or at least plant the seed with grandparents and other family members.

We all know that space and storage is a premium. As much as our kids love toys and STUFF it’s kind of nice not to have new STUFF to store especially in the madness of the holidays.  (We just spent a large portion of our weekend sorting through STUFF that was cluttering my seven year old’s bookshelf and barely made a dent with her unused-must-keep-forever-and-ever-STUFF.)

The other day a friend asked me if a class counts as a gift. My answer was, of course. Why not offer an experience for your little one vs another toy?

Most class vendors in town will offer gift certificates for classes. Reach out and ask, and then suggest to your gift givers. Gift givers will love a gift that keeps giving especially if they know your child will love it (and if you offer a photo every once in a while too.)

Why not plant the seed now with eager grandparents? Better yet, suggest if they can, to join in on the fun and bring your child to class while you get a little alone time.

Jersey City: What’s not to love?

Hiding out at the shore, I couldn’t help but notice when everyone on my Facebook feed posted New Yorkers Discover Jersey City in The New York Times.

It’s so exciting that Jersey City is finally get the credit for being an exceptional place to live. We have headed to Jersey City for dinner so often and fell in love with Thirty Acres and Marco and Pepe’s. Of course, now I am on a search for wherever this Blue Bottle Coffee is served and the hype around it. (Personally, I have been avoiding Torico Ice Cream like the plaque because I know I will have a major addiction.)

Of course, we are lucky that we have always known how great Jersey City is and now New Yorkers are going to find out.

Hot Fun in the Summertime

Summer in Hoboken is a pretty amazing time. Not only is there access to the city and the shore – the reason I landed in Hoboken years ago – but there are such a wide selection of activities here for kids of all ages.

I always assumed every kid went to camp away from home but I have learned in recent years just how much there is to do at home. Between the water parks, the frequent ice cream trips there are so many classes and camps.

Hoboken is packed with theater camps: Mile Square Theater, Every Little Movement, The Hudson School Extravaganza, and Hudson Dance and Movement.

Other camps and activities include Mimi Kids’ Yoga, Puppetonia, Every Little Movement, Guitar Bar, Jr., Hoboken School of Music and Learn Italian Hoboken.

Then there is the crazy amount of water parks including Madison Park, Stevens Park, Newport Green (known as Target Park to most,) and those dolphins at Church Square Park. Don’t miss out on the hidden water areas at Columbus and Elysian Parks too.

Hoboken sure gets sticky in the summer but luckily you can stop for ice cream and water ice often too.

Happy Summer.

The Hudson School Extravaganza

As school winds down for Hoboken kids, its time to make sure your kids are ready for the summer (read: busy.) Although loads of families send their kids to day camp or sleep-away camp, Hoboken offers many wonderful options. The Hudson School houses Extravaganza – a favorite about theater loving families and their children.

Extravaganza is a 4 week theater program designed for kids who can’t get enough theater. The program is for children 10 to 18 and runs as long as a full day of school. If you have a child who dreams of Broadway, this is their match.

And this program isn’t just for kids with the acting bug. Students learn skills from every aspect of theater including acting and stagecraft, leaving places for everyone to learn and grow.

Extravaganza specializes in classics that the students will remember for years to come. And, at the end of the program, there are several performances where families can see what makes Extravaganza so, well, extravagant.

Extravaganza is run through The Hudson School on 6th and Park Streets in Hoboken. The program starts July 1, so sign up now. Limited spaces available.



Pilates: My Core’s Enemy

A few weeks back I ventured back to Pilates at Renaissance Pilates.  I arrived at Renaissance all dolled up in my best Pilates inspired Lululemon gear – I needed to fit in, of course.  A flowy top and cute pants.

The studio at 335 River Street is gorgeous and I felt like I had just stepped into a mini vacation.  As class started, I was ready.  What could be so hard? I teach yoga, I have a flowy top, using my core is my thing….ah wrong.

Pilates is hard.

Julia, my outstanding teacher, had my core on fire and wishing it was someone else’s within 10 minutes.  She started out class by warming us up and then would show us these seemingly easy looking positions that made my core work.  Between a million table tops, leg circles, and those famous hundreds.  I couldn’t understand why I was breaking a sweat and the woman with the amazing abs next to me wasn’t. Maybe it was her cooler flowy top.

By the end of class, I was beat but also happy that I found a new workout that I knew would help get me back in shape for summer.

And, what’s even cooler is Renaissance offers Nanny Care several times a week making it impossible to use the “who is going to watch my kid” excuse for skipping class. And its free.

Free!!! Did you hear free?