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Drop in and Drum

Trying to avoid going stir crazy, I stopped into Guitar Bar, Jr. last week for Little RocknRollers Mixed Ages.

Little RocknRollers is a fun, educational, and rockin’ musical experience gives children a chance to shake, drum, dance and strum together with their friends. What a great class. Karen runs the energetic class by using songs from Wheels on the Bus straight through to Yellow Submarine.

Both my kids had fun trying out their very own guitar, ukulele and drum. I couldn’t figure out who had more fun during class.  (Probably my daughter when she got her hands on the coveted silver guitar she was eyeing from the beginning of class.)

The energy at Guitar Bar, Jr was perfect. All the kids in the room were engaged and were able to try all sorts of different instruments.

And before class closed, they were able to choose what instrument they wanted to play with during a lively jam session. Karen kept each child interested and when class was over no one wanted to leave.

Little RocknRollers is a series of classes offering classes for infants to 4 year olds. Guitar Bar, Jr.  allows drop-ins for all classes. Good to know as the weather gets nice and classes and park time compete.  Just call to be sure there is space.

We will be back soon for sure.


Bringing my Monkey to the Barre

I kept hearing just how great these barre classes were but didn’t understand why.  I am a runner and do yoga and just didn’t get all this barre business.

They had babysitting at Local Barre so I packed up the baby and headed to Maxwell Place for Monkey Barre.

Walking into Local Barre was like a vacation. The studio is gorgeous. I fell in love immediately with the luxurious feel to the studio including the cool bathroom. I signed in. Bought some special socks for class and was on my way.

Now I just hoped I could make it through class.

After putting away my coat and stroller and getting organized, I brought my baby to the babysitter. The room was clean and neat. As I left, he didn’t even notice I was gone.

The class is a fusion of ballet fundamentals, core conditioning, yoga and stretching and if that is not enough add in some weights and ballet barre. Ballet barre is a set of exercises facing the mirror and using a ballet barre that engage the largest muscle groups  – think butt and legs.

Classes are open to all levels thankfully because I was terrible at it and needed to watch what everyone was doing. Don’t be fooled the targeted micro movements are hard and during the 60 minute you are moving the entire time. Even if the teacher isn’t sweaty, you will be. Do this a few times a week and you will be back in your skinny jeans in no time.

Local Barre also offers a BYOB (Bring Your Own Baby) class for babies 6 months and younger.

Beware 16 Handles is just steps away from Local Barre.

It’s Minutes Away

It’s so close.

It’s almost here.

No not Anthropologie and Baby Gap but spring. Although the implications of the new stores seem to be what everyone is talking about. Did you see that sign? It’s official.

I love spring. Not only does it lead to summer but it also makes doing everything so much better in Hoboken and Jersey City.

I can walk to the gym after school drop off and follow that up with a stop for my much needed caffeine fix at Empire Coffee before heading to a class for my son.

Puppetonia is one of my 2 year olds’ favorite classes in town. He can barely walk down Washington Street without almost diving out of his stroller wanting to see Mary and her friends and what they are up to. I am not sure if he is addicted to the story lines, the bubbles, the free play with Roxy Boxy, the fun dancing or the actors who know his name when he walks in. (Just like Cheers.) All I know is that he loves it and he makes it clear he wants to go.

There is a forecast for snow in the next few days but I am ready for spring and short sleeves.

When are you moving to a “real” town?

Many of my suburban friends are baffled that we have stayed in Hoboken for – sheesh – so long. How can we live in such a tiny space with 2 kids? How do I get my child to school? Where do I park my car? When are you going to finally move out?

Well we haven’t yet. My family of 4 loves Hoboken for all that it offers.

Walking EVERYWHERE and probably driving more often than necessary in a square mile town.  So many parks (with or without the constant drama surrounding them.) Easy commute to city and airport and my treasured shore.  Restaurants and shopping – although having a Lululemon in JC or Hoboken would seal the deal.  A zillion activities and classes for kids. The novelty of walking into Carlo’s ahead of everyone in line. Unplanned meet ups with friends constantly.  All the coffee shops knowing my order (which presents its own problem.) Oh and did I mention the gym?

Hoboken is incredible.  Sure the spaces are small and finding a three bedroom with a backyard, central AC and parking is a feat but we aren’t ready to leave. Not today at least. We have gotten really good at being creative in our living space and tossing unloved toys way sooner than our kids would like.

Staying in Hoboken has enabled my kids to grow up in a diverse town where a playdate happens anytime we walk into a park and the children’s classes are above and beyond.

And for all the suburbanites, don’t worry we still have Target 5 minutes away and apparently a Baby Gap in the works.