Monthly Archives: April 2013

Rockin Preschool

Recently, I stopped in to Preschool of Rock at Local Barre with Jared.  Wow.  What a fun and engaging class. I hate the word engaging, but he was engaging. He played the entire class with a smile plastered on his face and the kids had the best time.

I had both my kids and they were both having a great time. The music and the energy in the room were over the top. The class is perfect for all ages and really older kids can have just as much fun as the little ones, if not more.

The intimate setting made it seem like a personal concert but really my favorite part was Jared. He just loves teaching kids and it comes through. Towards the end, he showed the kids how to use a big drum, explained its background and let each kid explore in their own way. (I can’t remember the name of the drum but I bet my 5 year old can.)

My son in his typical run in circles mode actually sat down and listened to some music in between his circle running. And my daughter, as usual, was mad that “she hasn’t been to this class in so long.” That teaches me to let her tag along.

Preschool of Rock has always been a favorite with my kids. They have taken class with Michael and seen his shows at lots of local events. He knows my kids by name and always has them cracking up. Now, Jared is a new favorite for them too.

Taxi Addiction

Hoboken Aardvarks has always been a favorite for both my kids.  “Taxi Taxi Taxi” is often belted by my kids and embarrassingly enough, I have left the music on in my car without any kids nearby for longer than I care to admit. The songs are just so catchy.  (It’s not like I am singing along.)

My daughter took the class when Adam first came to Hoboken. It was so much fun and made me realize that the mommy and me world just might not need to be feared. There were plenty of classes offered throughout the week, so I was able to find one that worked for my schedule and her nap schedule.

She took Aardvarks for a long time and never grew bored of it. The class was relevant for her at all different ages. Whether she was sitting or dancing with a friend, she always had a great time and always had a request for Adam.

Even now at 5, when she tags along to her little brother’s class, she loves it. She often asks if she can go to his class since she “hasn’t been in a while” or gets mad when he has one and she missed it.

I thought my son might not like it since he is a typical, active (read: wild) boy.  He, of course, takes away a different element from the energetic classes. If you let him, he can run in circles the entire time while coaxing another kid into chasing him.

But, I really knew he was addicted when we drove somewhat near Adventures in Learning and he was pointing, mumbling Aardvarks and pouting when he realized I wasn’t stopping. I recently rerouted my driving.