Monthly Archives: May 2013

Step Away from the Parks to Cool Off

What a long long winter. Even now, it is still chilly at night. But, the weather is turning for my favorite season, summer.

I find that in the summer, I prefer to get to the parks earlier in the morning to beat the heat and go to classes in the afternoon simply to avoid melting. A great option, is Mimi Kids Yoga.

Tumblin’ Tots is a favorite of mine. Ilsli, one of Mimi’s famous teachers, teaches a fun-filled action-packed class that includes the best of gymnastics and will help your child learn to roll, tuck and tumble. Kids not only build strength and muscle tone but confidence and coordination. Your child will be running and balancing and most likely ready for a good night sleep after.

Oh and don’t forget the foot rub. I have never seen so many kids sit so still (and quiet) while patiently waiting for some relaxation. I guess Octonaut and Backyardigan watching can be a little high stress.

Hoboken Arts & Music Festival



It’s finally May which means it’s almost summer, my favorite time of year. and if it’s May in Hoboken, that means its time to hit the streets and enjoy the weather with the Arts & Music Festival.

Don’t forget to stop by the Class Dash tent this Sunday form 11am to 6pm and bring a friend. We can’t wait to meet each of you and hear your suggestions.