When are you moving to a “real” town?

Many of my suburban friends are baffled that we have stayed in Hoboken for – sheesh – so long. How can we live in such a tiny space with 2 kids? How do I get my child to school? Where do I park my car? When are you going to finally move out?

Well we haven’t yet. My family of 4 loves Hoboken for all that it offers.

Walking EVERYWHERE and probably driving more often than necessary in a square mile town.  So many parks (with or without the constant drama surrounding them.) Easy commute to city and airport and my treasured shore.  Restaurants and shopping – although having a Lululemon in JC or Hoboken would seal the deal.  A zillion activities and classes for kids. The novelty of walking into Carlo’s ahead of everyone in line. Unplanned meet ups with friends constantly.  All the coffee shops knowing my order (which presents its own problem.) Oh and did I mention the gym?

Hoboken is incredible.  Sure the spaces are small and finding a three bedroom with a backyard, central AC and parking is a feat but we aren’t ready to leave. Not today at least. We have gotten really good at being creative in our living space and tossing unloved toys way sooner than our kids would like.

Staying in Hoboken has enabled my kids to grow up in a diverse town where a playdate happens anytime we walk into a park and the children’s classes are above and beyond.

And for all the suburbanites, don’t worry we still have Target 5 minutes away and apparently a Baby Gap in the works.

4 thoughts on “When are you moving to a “real” town?

  1. Ann Marie

    Nicely put! I’m never leaving. My husband would have to drag me kicking and screaming. Oh, don’t forget about anthropology.

  2. elana arons

    Great blog Lex! I would love for you to move to the ‘burbs but I get it…Hoboken it is!

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