It’s Minutes Away

It’s so close.

It’s almost here.

No not Anthropologie and Baby Gap but spring. Although the implications of the new stores seem to be what everyone is talking about. Did you see that sign? It’s official.

I love spring. Not only does it lead to summer but it also makes doing everything so much better in Hoboken and Jersey City.

I can walk to the gym after school drop off and follow that up with a stop for my much needed caffeine fix at Empire Coffee before heading to a class for my son.

Puppetonia is one of my 2 year olds’ favorite classes in town. He can barely walk down Washington Street without almost diving out of his stroller wanting to see Mary and her friends and what they are up to. I am not sure if he is addicted to the story lines, the bubbles, the free play with Roxy Boxy, the fun dancing or the actors who know his name when he walks in. (Just like Cheers.) All I know is that he loves it and he makes it clear he wants to go.

There is a forecast for snow in the next few days but I am ready for spring and short sleeves.

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