Pilates: My Core’s Enemy

A few weeks back I ventured back to Pilates at Renaissance Pilates.  I arrived at Renaissance all dolled up in my best Pilates inspired Lululemon gear – I needed to fit in, of course.  A flowy top and cute pants.

The studio at 335 River Street is gorgeous and I felt like I had just stepped into a mini vacation.  As class started, I was ready.  What could be so hard? I teach yoga, I have a flowy top, using my core is my thing….ah wrong.

Pilates is hard.

Julia, my outstanding teacher, had my core on fire and wishing it was someone else’s within 10 minutes.  She started out class by warming us up and then would show us these seemingly easy looking positions that made my core work.  Between a million table tops, leg circles, and those famous hundreds.  I couldn’t understand why I was breaking a sweat and the woman with the amazing abs next to me wasn’t. Maybe it was her cooler flowy top.

By the end of class, I was beat but also happy that I found a new workout that I knew would help get me back in shape for summer.

And, what’s even cooler is Renaissance offers Nanny Care several times a week making it impossible to use the “who is going to watch my kid” excuse for skipping class. And its free.

Free!!! Did you hear free?