Search By

  1. Search for classes by Age, Type, Day, Time and/or Location.
    For each category, you can search on as many or as few selection items as you like.
    For example, if you are looking for music classes for your 5 month old on the weekend,
    choose the Age category and select 0-6 months (the circle will turn red),
    then the Type category and (then) select music, and then choose the Day category
    and select both Saturday and Sunday.
  2. Make selections within each category as needed. You don’t need to search in
    every category.
  3. At any point, click on go to go directly to the schedule.
  4. After your schedule comes up, you will have a list of classes that work within
    your requirements.
  5. Click on any class to get details including description, time, location
    and contact information.
  6. Click on Email Results to have a schedule emailed to you.
  7. You can start over at any time by clicking Clear Results.